City Architecture Office  

Sandygate Square, Burnley


Project Value: £3m
Client: Elevate / PLLACE
Design Stage: C

Sandygate Square

A community and time driven initiative for the future development of Sandygate Square, Burnley. Sandygate Square and the adjacent heritage landmarks will be developed through a long term strategy as a centrepiece sustainable business, living & cultural activities.

With its landmark location, existing derelict land, empty warehouses and heritage building space, our proposal sets out a sustainable 10 year framework for future development.

Initially, by highlighting the heritage of the area, and building on existing local community connections, proposals would begin with small activity based interventions to emphasize Sandygate Square’s presence within the town.

As interest and activity in the area grows, moorings will be created to revive the canal use associated with the site and allow its regional destination potential to unfold.

Having developed a focal point in the town and wider area, potential to develop more permanent uses for the space will arise by providing for creative knowledge driven business of regional and national importance, encouraging local enterprise.

By building upon the rich heritage of the site and stimulating event and employment opportunities, Sandygate Square can become inhabited by local groups, canal and heritage visitors alike.

The ultimate vision is to determine Sandygate Square as a regional canal-side destination and ‘arts hub’ for Lancashire.

This would see the creation of a permanent civic and performance space at Sandygate Square with potential for a central iconic cultural building, and mixed use development at the perimeter.

Sandygate Square

Sandygate Square