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Meadow Wood Houses, Calderwood


Project Value: 6m
Client: Stirling Developments Ltd
Design Stage: B

This proposal embraces a modern type of agrarian living that is manifest in a new barn architecture. Simple forms, robust structure, a variety of cladding, optimal orientation in a landscaped setting and woodland views, all create a distinct community that is living in harmony with nature.

Calderwood Housing

Four options in natural materials offer a distinctiveness across a range of budgets. A material range of cedar shingles, zinc sheet, profiled fibre cement cladding, and terracotta tiles are applied to a basic timber frame and can be mixed and matched between wall & roof to create variety within the overall pattern.

The basic unit is a 120m spacious 3 bedroom linked house. The link is a garage or a 19m live/work office space suitable for a small enterprise. The flexible module offers multiple adaptations that can be undertaken at the point of sale or carried out in the future to suit occupant’s changing needs.

Permanent agriculture is actively promoted to encourage on-site food production. To this end, each house has an ‘egg’- a separate kitchen garden. This area is enclosed within an evergreen hedge, located as a buffer between the houses and the meadow. Fruiting trees are planted in semi-private open spaces and in the landscaped neighbour courtyards for collective harvesting.

Sustainability & Environment:
  • Regional containerised woodburning boilers can provide domestic hot water & heating for up to 7 houses. The woodchip fuel can be provided by a local supplier using material from nearby forestation.
  • ‘Biodisc’ sewage treatment plants can process waste for up to 10 houses. They discharge clean water that may be used in the ‘eggs’ along with rainwater collection.
  • Each house has a 5m wet solar array to provide supplementary stored hot water on demand.