City Architecture Office  

Selkirk House


Project Value: £110k
Client: Private
Design Stage: C-L
1999 - 2006

303 Lanark Road is a fine modernist detached villa built in 1961. City Architecture Office has comprehensively refurbished the villa over a phased project. The site is on a south-facing slope with views to the Pentlands. The internal layout is arranged over six levels that hug the falling site. The south elevation is a dramatic sheer plane over 10m high, with regular window openings. Projecting from this are sun terraces.

Entry to the house is from the north, through a new sliding mesh screened canopy, mahogany door and sine curved glass block wall into double height hall with stairs down to the main living space and up to a gallery for bedrooms. Major remedial works were completed to ensure the villa would be able to function over the next forty years. This included replacing the roof covering, re-wiring and rationalising central heating and services. Hard landscaping, entrance, public rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and connections to outside have all been remodelled.

The sequential movement from exterior to interior & public to private spaces is resolved with the formation of new openings, screens, surface treatments and visual links. Materials including slate, marble, glass mosaic, mirrors, glass brick, maple. Subtle lighting and daylight were introduced where appropriate.