City Architecture Office  

Nazerene Church Conversion


Project Value: £165k
Client: Peapod Projects
Design Stage: A-L

City Architecture Office transformed the building after obtaining consent to change the use, sub-divide and convert this church, which was in total disrepair. The aim was to create three unique properties all with main door access. The solution re-interprets familiar types of urban dwelling: townhouse, flat and upper villa.

The client’s expectations were surpassed with a striking unified solution that forms new openings, exploits level changes, provides gardens, new roofs and maintains separation between properties.

This imaginative development harnesses innovative materials, construction techniques and creative spatial solutions. The church hall was demolished to accommodate a two level rectangular structure formed within the boundary walls. A monopitch roof cantilevers over a Cedar clad vierendel timber frame supported on internally exposed steelwork. It rises above the masonry wallhead, which is capped by a lead shelf that bridges differences between old and new forms. Natural daylight is maximised through a glassblock clearstorey and ‘sunpipes’, which transform potentially dark spaces into bright rooms. Polycarbonate screens further filter light into the building. Walls are expressed in solid planes of colour slotted into the structure.

A new roof terrace gives the upper villa a private garden space. Protective chippings on the monopitch roof are raked and sculpted to form a zen garden.

The result recognises the character of the original building and successfully manifests a subtle modern composition that embraces the urban landscape.