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Edinburgh Park Office


Project value: £6m
Client : Edinburgh Park Ltd.
Design Stage: C

The proposal is for a low energy office to set the standard for the third phase of Edinburgh Park - one of the UK’s premier office business parks. This 5 storey office on site G4 comprises three main elements: floorplate, service core and screen. They are arranged to maximise usable area and energy efficiency. The composition brings striking visual form to a speculative office.

The top floor Marketing Suite commands stunning views of the Forth Valley, Pentlands, Edinburgh Castle and the Park phase 3 site. These natural points of reference are beneficial in providing context to the activity of the modern workplace. Occupants can relax with each other on a roof garden regardless of which floor they work. The proposal promotes sustainable commuting with generous cycle storage and staff showers provided on every level; in contrast to the sea of car parking that surrounds existing offices.

Natural cross ventilation is achieved by perforating the downstand steelwork cross members. There are occupant operable windows for local control in addition to the stack effect of the atrium. The thermal mass of the exposed concrete coffer absorbs any heat build up during the day, which purges at night-time, cooling the building. Hot water is provided via solar panels on the roof. Electrical energy is supplied via photovoltaic cells on the south elevation. Rainwater from the roof is stored at high level to flush all WCs and irrigate the roof garden. The design minimises operational energy, embodied energy, running costs, transport energy & waste.


Edinburgh Park