City Architecture Office  

Ayr Seafront Masterplan


Project Value: £100m
Client : South Ayrshire Council
Design Stage : C

City Architecture Office jointly won the international open competition to design a master plan for the seafront in Ayr on the west coast of Scotland

Working in collaboration with award winning landscape architects City design Co-operative we proposed a design that embraced the positive qualities of the coast, healthy living, beautiful views and seaside fun!

  The masterplan was devised to attract phased investment by a number of developers in order to achieve regeneration of this deprived area of the town.

A new high density urban edge was defined to the seafront town with high quality public spaces that linked to the town centre by extending an existing civic axis.

  New uses which reinforced the recreational quality of the seafront were proposed such as a Spa, restaurants and seafront kiosks. Outline designs were developed for key buildings to celebrate the seaside experience that visitors and residents can enjoy.

The masterplan was successfully adopted as a framework for development by the local authority.

Ayr Seafront Masterplan

Ayr Spa
  The Ayr Spa
Health orientated activities are a positive counterfoil to modern working practices. Ayr Spa provides a broad range of facilities to locals and visitors alike. The building is arranged over two levels, with it’s entrance from the new seafront piazza. Visitors can choose from sauna, tepidarium, turkish baths, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, saline & mud treatment, steam rooms, jacuzzi, gymnasium & enjoy the unique experience of watching the sunset over the Clyde from a hot thermal tub or linear pool, on the roof.

Ayr Seafront Kiosk
  Ayr Seafront Kiosks
New seafront kiosks are strategically placed throughout the site. The kiosks refer to their coastal location. They all provide entertainment, shelter and WCs at the edge of land and sea. The roofs are like the hulls of small boats, which have been dragged ashore and upturned to protect occupants from the elements. There are eight kiosks in total; a flotilla. Each has the same basic footprint but will contain different functions to be encountered at Ayr seafront.

The kiosks act as markers at significant points along the seafront. Each will have a wind turbine to provide it’s own power in suitable conditions. The turbine mast doubles as a signage sail to advertise the function of the kiosk. The mast and glazed spine of the hull will rise above the sand dunes so that people on the low green can locate them from the landward side. The materials echo the flotsam and jetsam from boats found on the shoreline; sandblasted glass, cedar boarding, steel, canvas, fish scale shingles.