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Saline Situpperie


Project Value: £100k
Client : Fife Council
Design Stage : C

City Architecture Office was invited to undertake a feasibility study by The Saline Environmental Group into the change of use from a redundant WC building into a community and school facility. This is to form part of a 3-way bid for community funding that links The ‘Glen’ walk, The community garden, in the grounds of the Church, and ‘The Situpperie’ which is for community & school use, connected to the other community projects.

Discussions with Saline Primary School & SEG identified that the Situpperie building should have good environmental credentials, be accessible to the community, have heating, light, power and water, a structured communications network and full broadband accessibility. The proposal to re-use the existing structure is very good environmentally.

It is essential that the building is available to all. The main floor is level with the ground to permit full wheelchair access. The Situpperie is close to the public car park in the village, linked by a footpath. It is adjacent to the community garden. The location is suitable for day & evening use.

The area is ideal for catching the wind and harnessing its energy. A wind turbine system is proposed which has the potential to provide power all year round- approx 4000 kWhs. It also acts as a strong visual marker for the building. The turbine would also be linked to the national grid to sell power when it is not in consumption = building could be revenue generating & self-sufficient for heat & power.
By adding a mezzanine level, it could offer fine views to the south & west. The room remains a single volume space with a double height area, and two single height zones increasing the flexibility of space for various activities and accommodate up to 14 pupils.

The four existing window openings to the playground are reinstated to provide natural light at the ground level. The upper level is naturally lit from a clerestorey, glazed viewing slot and 2 windows to the playground. Overhead, a sheet of mirrored acrylic runs the length of the building and angled at 45 degrees. It acts as periscope, facing fields and the Forth valley to the West- thus making the outside world omnipresent within the room. The importance of connecting with the community is expressed in the dual orientation of the Situpperie both West and East towards the village. This is a simple move, aimed to promote environmental awareness and act as a beacon.

Saline Situpperie
Saline Situpperie

Saline Situpperie