City Architecture Office  

Ravenscraig Park


Construction value: £0.5m
Client: Fife Council
Design stage: B-D
2005 to present

City Architecture Office was appointed to input an architectural assessment of the public facilities in Ravenscraig Park within City Design Landscape Architects masterplan, for public consultation and implementation.

We identified the need for introducing a high quality hub building that gathers disparate amenities into a single multifunctional building.


Ravenscaig Park

From the information gathered at public consultation, this emerged as a priority in the finalised masterplan.

The building will act as a gateway to the park with an accessible café, Public toilets, park ranger office as well as a changing rooms.

The hub promotes the park as a high quality public space for all, with a simple linear form underneath a dramatic gull wing roof.

Materials were chosen which would be robust, long lasting with the minimum maintenance. Natural sources of light were optimized to reduce running costs. The integration of the café allowed valuable income source for the council that supports the business case for the proposal.

Ravenscaig Park